Being a city between a tarn and an escarpment, many properties in Burlington come with striking views as well as expedient access to numerous leisure activities.  Condos and townhomes are more and more becoming a well-liked option for new home buyers, with luxury options obtainable along the lakeshore.  A wide assortment of single family home alternatives is available from us near downtown, to newer developments as the metropolis has expanded.

New condo and townhome developments combine with historic suburban neighborhoods to create an urban charm.  Rich in culture, the city contains dining choices from Persian to Mediterranean cuisine and hosts loads of fiestas.  The downtown hub is the more pulsating part of the metropolis with live events at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

There are thousands of listings to choose from when it comes to buy or resale property in Burlington.  For detailed information on current domicile prices in the city, consult Danny Balkissoon who can help you find a dream abode that meets your exceptional needs.

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